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This luxurious unisex moisturizing foaming body scrub formulated with therapeutic ocean sea salt is entwined in deliciously decadent essential oils that provide unbelieveable skin moisturization.

The unisex Sweet Vanilla Sea Salts SoyFoaming Body Scrub is enriched with aloe vera, chamomile, sage, wheat germ, avocado oil, organic soya and shea oils that are blended together to help provide vital nutrients to dull, rough, dry, dead skin and improve circulation.

Kiwi Fresh Foaming Body Scrub is refreshing to the skin and brings peace to the soul. The coool clean kiwi scent formulated with soy and shea oil antioxidants provides a healthy botanical experience.

Mango and Papaya Cream Foaming Body Scrub basks with fragrant mango and papaya oils and arewhipped with soy cream to make this refreshing scrub a luxurious treat that smells good enough to eat - BUT DON'T!.

NaturalFoaming Body Scrub makes you feel fresh, clean and moisturized and ready to start your day or night.

Patchouli Foaming Body Scrub brings out your mystery and seduction.  This moisturizing cleanser gives you a sense of power and intrigue.

Real Oatmeal, Milk and Honey makes this wholesome exfoliating moisturizing scrub irresistible! Packed full of antioxidants and vitamins the Oatmeal Milkand Honey Foaming Body Scrub is a healthy body treat.

Immerse yourself in the Strawberries and Champagne Foaming Body Scrub. The rich aroma and silky smooth moisturizers makes your skin feel decadent and smell sumptuously delectable.

Zanzibars Paradise Foaming Body Scrub brings your body, mind and soul back to life. This coffee scrub with a hint of vanilla improves circulation and awakings your skin with pure vibrance.

You will find enjoyment in the dual exfoliating and foaming wash effects and love the results of invigoratingly refreshed smooth skin.



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