Exfoliating your dry, chapped lips takes just a minute to do, and should be done several times per week. Even if your lips are not dry or chapped, exfoliating them can help keep them healthy.

PoshSoylicious Lip Spa Scrubs are decadent and will keep your lips smooth, moisturized, supple and delicious!

Each delicious lip scrub is created from a wholesome sugar/sea salt and organic soya formula that contain Vitamins A and E and has beneficial healing attributes and other delicious ingredients such as real honey in our Sweet Vanilla Honey lip scrub.

What fabulous flavors do these lip spa scrubs come in?

Bask in Sexy Brown Sugar, Sweet Vanilla Honey, Sassy Strawberry Dream and Succulent Peach Cream.

So decadent, posh and soylicious these are!

Customer Review: I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love my SPACASSO POSHSOYLICIOUS LIP SPA SCRUB. I have the flakiest lips in the world and every time I put on lipstick, it would result in massive quantities of "lip flakes" coming off during the day.

I tried everything: using a toothbrush lightly on my lips, chapstick day and night, wiping my lips with a wet cloth right before applying lipstick, and a ton of different "lip products" before finally landing on this one.

First, the smell is divine. I have mine in Vanilla Honey. After preparing myself for yet another failure, I tried this lip scrub. For the first time in about 10 years I FINALLY noticed a difference. I just use a little (a little goes a LONG WAY) on my lips nightly, rub it in, wash off with water and follow with moisturizer (I need to get the SPACASSO lip moisturizer!).

This has become the absolute only must have product I own. That is a huge statement because I own almost every single collection from every cosmetic/skin care line since their inception. And, this is the only product that I will refer to my friends as a "must have", and the only product I allow to sit out on my pristine bathroom counter.

Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product and product line and I am so excited about getting some of your new candles!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Danelle Guilbeau Houston, TX.


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