The unisex Mani/Pedi Soy Cream Exfoliator is a luxurious botanical soy lipids and ocean sea salt cream scrub is enriched with aloe, chamomile, sage, wheat germ, avocado, organic soya and shea that are blended together to help provide vital nutrients to dull, rough, dry, dead skin and improve circulation on your hands and feet.

Manicure purpose:

1. Its main purpose is to keep hands, arms clean and in good condition.

2. It prevents long nail formation.

3. It discourages the wrinkles on the skin on the hand which is the first sin of ageing.

4. It prevents nail damage like fragile tips, splits.

Purpose of pedicure:

1. To keep the feet clean, fair and in good condition.

2. To make the skin soft and smooth.

3. It improves blood circulation, nourishes the skin of leg and the foot muscles.

4. To keep the toe nails clean, well shaped and shiny.

Available in 4oz. and 8oz. 

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