SOY SPACASSO BAMBOOZA is an exclusive Luxe Skincare Line that is rich in REAL bamboo shoot, organic soy, isoflavones and vitamins A and E that intensifies your skin’s radiance and hydrates every cell.

This unique and ultra pampering 4 product unisex (for both women and men) skincare set consist of a BAMBOOZA Hydrating Lip Spa Balm, Soyjuvenating Hand and Body Lotion, Soy Radiance Whip and Foaming Body Scrub.

SOY SPACASSO’s unique perspective on soy for skin, hair and candles are ALWAYS refreshing, exciting and creative, so it is not surprising that we went out on our limb again to take real and fresh Bamboo Shoot and combine it with the complimenting ingredient soy and a hint of sun-ripened raspberry oil to bring you our innovative BAMBOOZA formula that proves to play a unique and beneficial role in the world of beauty.

With the same health benefits as the soya bean, REAL bamboo is loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, protein and vitamins and minerals.

The BAMBOOZA Hydrating Lip Spa Balms are masterfully formulated with REAL Bamboo shoot, natural soy, shea butter and safflower oil which contain powerful antioxidants vitamins A and E. Dripping with ultimate moisturization, each balm is infused with a sun-ripened raspberry flavor scent and has a non-sticky and smooth gliding texture that keeps your lips feeling quenched, soft, and protected. 15oz/4.44ml - Hip Urban Tube.

The BAMBOOZA Soyjuvenating Hand and Body Lotion is a luxurious botanical creation that features a combination of soya, sunflower and shea plant oils that are rich in REAL bamboo shoot, amino acids, vitamin E and the nutrient lecithin. Our non-oily formula regenerates damaged skin tissue and cells, renews collagen production, helps lighten dark spots, even out skin tone and aids in maintaining skin elasticity. 8oz. Pump Bottle.

Intensify your skin's radiance and hydrate every cell with the decadent BAMBOOZA Soy Radiance Whip that is rich in natural soy lipids, natural bamboo shoot, isoflavones and vitamins A, and E for positively luminous skin. Be sure to pay special attention to your hands, cuticles, elbows, knees and feet to gain the maximum benefits. 4oz. Jar.

The BAMBOOZA luxurious unisex moisturizing foaming body scrub of bamboo shoot, therapeutic ocean sea salt is entwined in deliciously decadent essential oils that provide unbelieveable skin moisturization. The unisex BAMBOOZA Foaming Body Scrub is enriched with aloe vera, chamomile, sage, wheat germ, avocado oil soya and shea oils that are blended together to help provide vital nutrients to dull, rough, dry, dead skin and improve circulation. You will find enjoyment in the dual exfoliating and foaming wash effects and love the results of invigoratingly refreshed smooth skin. 8oz. Jar



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