WOW!!!  What a sampler!!  Don't know what scent to indulge in?  Get your fix with the 24 Post Sampler tthat will assist you in choosing your next SPACASSOLICIOUS scent or scents of a bigger size Soy Radiance Whip.  

24 ways to intensify your skin's radiance and hydrate every cell with these decadent body whips that are rich in organic soya, isoflavones and vitamins A, and E for positively luminous skin.

Be sure to pay special attention to your hands, cuticles, elbows, knees and feet to gain the maximum benefits.

Enjoy Indulging In:

*Acai Wild Berry - both the Soybean and Acai berry are rich in amino acids, vitamin E, essential minerals and omega fats, which are all renowned for their overwhelmingly positive health benefits.

*Bambooza - fresh real bamboo and raspberry from our luxury line.

*Banana Smoothie - creamy, rich and banana fresh drenching your skin in a smoothie moisturization.

*Candy Cane Swirl - sweet refreshing peppermint for a tasty body treat.

*Chocolate Indulgence - a whipped and creamy chocolate mouth watering cocoa lovers body treat.

*Chocolate Raspberry Truffle - an exquisitely moisturizing creamy whip of chocolate and raspberry blend that soothes and softens.

*Cinnamon Toast - buttery creamy cinnamon to rejuvenate the epidermis

*Coconut - tropical coconuts swirled in cream to hydrate your cells.

*Cucumber Calypso - fresh cucumbers and juicy oranges for a cool and refreshing delicious skin delight.

*Fruit Tarte - a sweet creamy vanilla berry whipped fruit mix that freshens skin.

*Kiwi Fruit - Fresh kiwi dripping with cool rejuvenating soy lipids and Shea oil.

*Lemon Almond Petit Four - fresh lemon with a hint of almond and sweet vanilla and whipped buttercream bring a healthy glow.

*Lemon Bar - yummy refreshing sweet whippd lemon/cheesecake moisturization.

*Mango Papaya - Juicy mangoes and papayas whipped into tropical fruit body delight.

*Natural - A pure clean refreshing whip without a scent - the purest form.

*Oatmeal Milk & Honey - Natures finest ingredients whipped together for healthy glowing skin.

*Peach Melba - Peaches whipped in to a smooth fragrant body moisturizing melba for radiant skin.

*Peppermint Patty Treat - chocolate and peppermint cream that's smells good enough to eat.

*Pumpkin Spice Bar -  Pumpkin and cinnamon whipped for pure skin perfection.

*Spiced Cranberry Frost - cinnamon and cranberries mixed in a creamy organic soy for ultimate moisturization.

*Strawberries & Champagne - Whipped fresh strawberry dipped in sophisticated champagne for a refreshing skin treatment.

*Sugar Cookie Crunch - you will smell good enough to eat with this thick whipped classic sweet vanilla sugar cookie scent.

*Vanilla Breeze - Warm vanilla whipped in cream for a sensual skin experience.

*MANSTYLE-Sandelwood - sandelwood and light cinnamon formula to rejuvenate and moisturize body.

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